Key Findings...

  • The consensus drawn from data throughout the congress has indicated that the Vaca Muerta shale has properties more conducive to production than the principle productive shales in the USA. This hydrocarbon potential is greatly increased by the thickness of the source rock.
  • The incredibly high density of the Vaca Muerta means that horizontal wells may not be the preferable option and the industry may turn to completed vertical wells to ensure ultimate deliverability is achieved.
  • The challenges in water supply, handling and disposal need to be examined as a matter or urgency and a careful strategy needs to be implemented to manage the large volumes of water required.
  • Rapid developments in drilling and completions technologies are increasingly critical in enabling the advancement of the play and necessary to attract sufficient investment for industry growth.
  • The government must ensure that the commercial conditions are in place to effectively manage and support the next shale boom by ensuring that long-term contracts are issued to encourage service companies to invest in building midstream infrastructure, provide security that unconventional projects will prosper in the long-term and that companies will have sufficient returns on their investments.  
  • Provincial and national governments must also work with the E&P operators to ensure that a reliable investment environment is created. E&P operators must ensure that long-term shale gas and tight oil investments are actively encouraged to match the governmental program incentives and enable the Argentinian economy to develop. 
  • These elements coupled with the results obtained from unconventional exploration to date confirms findings in the EIA and other independent reports that suggest that Argentina has the potential to repeat the US Shale Gas & Oil experience.



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For E&P Operators to fully realize the phenomenal volumes of resources recently discovered in Argentina...

… it is essential that industry and government now come together to drive forward cutting-edge completions strategies and efficient macro development to capitalize on the Neuquén, Austral, San Jorge and Chaco basins and ultimately maximize deliverability on this incredibly promising discovery.

With heavily controlled gas prices, limited service company availability, rising technology costs and speculative completion strategies, it is vital that the industry collaborates to ensure these astounding Argentinian basins reach their full potential. It is only by discussing cutting-edge solutions and by establishing long-term strategies to control these potentially detrimental factors that the industry can truly maximize deliverability in the Neuquén, Austral, San Jorge and Chaco basins.

Shale Gas and Tight Oil Argentina 2012 is an unprecedented three-day summit and Argentina’s only congress dedicated to delivering solutions to the current and future political and technical challenges that operators in the leading Argentinian basins are facing. This unique congress will see C-level executives, VPs, Directors and technical experts from the Neuquén, Austral, San Jorge, Chaco, Eagle Ford, Bakken and other plays collate their knowledge to collectively develop cutting-edge strategies that will maximize productivity and capitalize on profitability in Argentinian shale plays.